All models are made of the unique natural material TR-90. It is the extralight and durable polymeric material providing to frames ease, flexibility, thermal stability, convenient landing on a face and long service life.

Advantages of TR-90:

  • Anti-allergic — the material TR-90 isn′t toxic, doesn′t cause an allergy that allows using it to people even with sensitive skin.
  • A color variety — ease of coloring of material allows to create courageous color combinations, so, to have a wide model range.
  • Anatomical — thanks to easy anatomical structure, points don′t cause discomfort when using, being arranged under any shape of a face.

Models in a collection differ in bright ear hooks of the most courageous flowers. Such models perfectly will approach as points for every day, it is convenient to select them under each separate image.

The collection is created for those who prefers to be the focus of attention as points it is favourably underlined and will strengthen any image, will make it bright and noticeable!

It is necessary to tell about youth spirit of a collection. Progressive forms, peculiar elements, courageous color combinations will finish an image, having made it rather stylish. Comfortable landing, durability and ease of points in combination with original design do points of Black Cherry by an irreplaceable accessory for young audience.