This is our collection of frames and sunglasses in metal and plastic. The idea of our brand — points for a modern and stylish family. At the present moment our models range from male, female and also unisex.

The basis of our collection is the sun, and frames are qualitative materials of a premium class and the most fashionable design decisions.

Alessandro Valerie is the choice of those with high fashion tendencies and always prefer to be in the center of the leading fashionable lifestyle.

Style with male character

Men will be pleasantly surprised and equally pleased by styles which are a worthy choice of design models which can be perfectly combined both with business, and with daily use. Ergonomic forms, a reserved color palette and original earhooks designs match the underlined courage and character of the owner of Alessandro Valerie glasses.

Female approach

The designers of our brand developed rather refined models for the finer half of humanity.

The saturated color scale allows the Alessandro Valerie models to be an irreplaceable accessory to go along with female clothing.

Smooth, womanly and, undoubtedly, stylish forms of frames create the perfectly finished image of a fashionable lady.

Models of bright flowers and ultra-fashionable forms are developed for our younger audience.